Something about the idea:

Innovative fights formula on the borderline of extreme sports involving eight participants.
It bases on a spectacularity of live program. Interesting idea of trasfering the world of video games
to reality, which includes special sets, lights, sound, special effects and original installation.
We remove the passivity of participants and partiality of the judges by creating a completely new concept
of playing battles with use of a movable structures. We want to show that physical strength is not always
sufficient and dominant in achieving the goal. The ability to rapidly analyze threats and creating a suitable
solution to overcome the enemy's abilities at each stage can lead to victory. Formula B9 CLUB contains
4 different systems that underlie specific editing (ultimately 5), 3 levels and 8 participants.
Each installation is different in appearance refering to names that are assigned to each edition,
although they share many common elements which, through unification can be used again in future -
lowering the risk level for the participants.

General data and installation dimensions:
- The total height of the structure of 4.5 m,
- The diameter of the outer circle 12 m,
- The diameter of the center circle 4 m,
- Width of footbridges 1.5 m

Duration each level:
Level 1: duration 4 battles 3 min. each (8 participants fights randomly)
Level 2: duration 5 min. (4 participants in randomly created 2 pairs)
Level 3: duration 5 min. (2 players fighting each other)